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Joint and Musculoskeletal Conditions

What are joint and musculoskeletal conditions?

This is a general term for conditions affecting the joints, muscles, skeletal system and their connective tissues eg. ligaments, tendons and fascia, and are often associated with symptoms of pain, stiffness, swelling or reduced mobility.

One of the most common examples of a condition affecting the joints is osteoarthritis which presents with pain, joint stiffness and in advanced cases, reduced joint flexibility. A common example of a musculoskeletal condition associated with pain is fibromyalgia.

Man seated and grimacing as he rubs his neck which is in chronic pain - a Fibromyalgia symptom
Patient seated talking to GP about treatment for joint and musculoskeletal conditions as she rubs her neck in pain

How may Green Clinic assist with joint and musculoskeletal conditions?

The endocannabinoid system plays an important role in the regulation of pain and inflammation. A growing number of studies have demonstrated potential benefits of medicines acting upon the endocannabinoid system for joint and musculoskeletal conditions

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Joint and musculoskeletal conditions FAQs

Conditions of persistent pain and inflammation within the joints, muscles, skeletal or connective tissues.

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Green Clinic exists to assist patients with specific medical conditions where the treatment has evidence for the condition and is deemed appropriate. Under current laws in Australia, medical cannabis is legal but not proven for many medical conditions with few exceptions. Medical practitioners must therefore consider risks and benefits for each patient before consulting with them for potential treatment. Medical cannabis can cause side effects in some individuals and is known to interact with other medications. Medical cannabis treatment outcomes will vary for each individual patient based on their medical condition and each patient’s unique metabolic profile. Green Clinic reserves the right to use discretion in determining if treatment is appropriate for an individual patient.